I Cesaroni

30.05.2009 | Television

I Cesaroni

I Cesaroni is an italian TV series produced by Carlo Bixio's Publispei and R.T.I. since 2006, inspired by the original Spanish series "Los Serrano". The story rotates around a large family- the Cesaroni's, formed by an ex-couple, Giulio and Lucia(falling in love again after many years) and their 5 sons (3 of Giulio and 2 of Lucia).

We live their issues and daytime life surrounded by their friends.

The great fortune of "I Cesaroni" is its ability to approach different targets from teenagers to adults. Just think about the 3 couples formed by Lucia and Giulio, Marco and Eva, Rudi and Alice.

Actors such as Matteo Branciamore, Alessandra Mastronardi and Ludovico Fremont found success thanks to this series and already well-known personalities such as Claudio Amendola, Elena Sofia Ricci, Max Tortora and Antonello Fassari are now some of Italy's most loved actors.

Many are the companies who sponsor the show with their products: Spyke's motorcycle apparel, Axosport's helmets, clothes brands like Fred Mello, Puerco Espin, DB9 and Merc London; De Rigo Vision with their eyewear and Carlo Izzo's jewelry.