Enrico Varriale a Bordocampo

20.04.2010 | Publishing

Football beyond the white line

Beyond the white line people are more authentic. Coaches, referees, players and journalist: no one escapes Enrico Viarrale's impudent look. RAI's best sports reporter, a living Bible in the world of Italian soccer, from its misery to its nobility. In his book he talks about men such as: Lippi, Cannavaro, Collina, Maradona, Biscardi and every professional or person who crossed his way, giving an unusual profile of this world. He analyses the soccer phenomenon beyond the game field, approaching the Rai-Sky issue, giving anticipations on World Cup 2010, talking about his experiences, encounters, fights, successes and defeats, so that the reader can feel and live soccer in a new way.

Marcello Lippi introduces the book, and writes: "When I became Italy's team coach Varriale told me that my President in Pontedera's soccer team, Edilio Pellinacci, predicted that I would win twice the World Cup. As we know, he was right on one. Winning the second World Cup will be fantastic for me, the players, journalists like Enrico Varriale but on top for the millions of Italian supporters and fans. They really need this kind of victory. Dreams are priceless.