Presentation of Enrico Varriale's book

20.04.2010 | Events

Presentation of Enrico Varriales book

THE JOURNALIST - Enrico Varriale is a professional journalist and tv host, born in Naples on January 22, 1960. Professional journalist since 1985 he started, still in University, working for "Il Mattino" andmagazines like "Sport Sud" and "Sport del Mezzogiorno".

In 1986 he starts working for Italian National television RAI, in Naples, working for the Regional News channel.

In 1989 he moves to Rome and (always for RAI) takes part in Sandro Curzi's news hour, and shortly after he becomes a reporter in the well-known sports program "Il Processo del Lunedì" hosted by Aldo Biscardi.

Since the European Cup “Italia '90” he becomes special correspondent for the Italian soccer national team and follows Italy in 4 World Cups (South Africa 2010 was his 6th) and 3 European Cups. He also attended the final games of the Uefa Champions League.

In 1994 he starts in TgS (RAI Sport) and takes part in tv shows like "90° minuto" and "La Domenica Sportiva". In 2000 he starts hosting "Sabato Sprint" and "Stadio Sprint" on RAI 2.

THE BOOK - Beyond the white line people are more authentic. Coaches, referees, players and journalist: no one escapes Enrico Viarrale's impudent look. RAI's best sports reporter, a living Bible in the world of Italian soccer, from its misery to its nobility. In his book he talks about men such as: Lippi, Cannavaro, Collina, Maradona, Biscardi and every professional or person who crossed his way, giving an unusual profile of this world. He analyses the soccer phenomenon beyond the game field, approaching the Rai-Sky issue, giving anticipations on World Cup 2010, talking about his experiences, encounters, fights, successes and defeats, so that the reader can feel and live soccer in a new way.

Enrico Varriale celebrated his book with friends of show business, TV, film and sports. Among celebrities who took place at the presentation Claudio Ranieri (A.S. Roma Coach), Antonello Valentini (General Dir. of FIGC), Giampaolo Montali (Manager of A.S. Roma), actors Enrico Silvestrin, Giuseppe Schisano and Francesco Apolloni, former Miss Italia Denny Mendez, stylist Guillermo Mariotto, actresses Gaia Bermani Amaral, Serena Bonanno, Benedetta Valanzano (winner of "Ballando Con le Stelle") and Chiara Mastalli (main character of "I Liceali 2"), the national diving champions Marconi brothers, actress and tv host Janet De Nardis, Fanny Cadeo and RAI's reporters Paola Ferrari, Attilio Romita and Donatella Scarnati.