Dainese clothing in films

01.03.2009 | Cinema

Dainese clothing in films

An important growth for my job in these six years has been favoured by working closely to creativity, design and positiveness of foremans, that made Dainese the leader in motorcycle apparel, helmets and protections.

Years of important evens such as "Cinema Italian Style" in Los Angeles, the premiere of "Kill Bill" in Rome, and the oppurtunity to have personalities like Craig David, Sean Paul, Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, Fiorello, Baglioni and many others to wear Dainese's clothing are among the greatest achievements of the brand.

Film has been a conclusive element to the world wide spread of Dainese, many italian and international films used Dainese's product for their scenes: "Christmas in love", "Come tu mi vuoi", "Notte prima degli esami" and "Stormbreaker"... a world of success for this prestigious brand, emblem of Made in Italy.

A particular thank goes to Lino Dainese, the founder of the brand, for the oppurtinty he gave me.


Cristiano De Masi