SMS - Squadra Molto Speciale

20.07.2010 | Video editing

SMS - Squadra Molto Speciale

The new hilarious sit-com on Italia 1

Squadra Molto Speciale is a TV series created by Enzo Salvi and Mariano D'Angelo.

The two comedians, try to combine their natural comedy inclination with their passion for action movies. Produced by A&B Production with Edino Bacecci, Squadra Molto Speciale is a new generation sit-com, finding its origins in classics like Buster Keaton and Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

The two main characters Pippo Allocco (Enzo Salvi) and Peppe La Faina (Mariano D'Angelo) end up in hilarious situations, full of action. It is suitable for audiences of all ages. The goal is to offer an innovative product in comedy, never vulgar, trying to bring back the great italian comedy, from Totò to Alberto Sordi.
Directed by Gianluca Petrazzi, stunt coordinator and action director in film such as "Quantum of Solas", "New Moon", "Intelligence", "Milano Palermo il ritorno" and many others. Among the cast we have Simona Borioni as Dorina Dorè, an attractive woman of easy virtue that is also a benefactresses, getting money for good causes in every episode, and Valentina Paoletti as Marameo, the officer always in touch with the Central Police Station.