Guillermo Mariotto & Monica Mosca

14.02.2011 | Photography

Guillermo Mariotto & Monica Mosca

...GENTE SPECIAL: Guillermo Mariotto, well-known stylist and fashion designer, is now part of our family. He will write a weekly column on fashion and will entertain us with a bit of gossip. "I promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth" warns Guillermo. He will give votes to celebrities for their fashion and style.

..."I am here to tell you my world and my point of view. Not advices, because I hate giving them and I love women who make mistakes."

"Today the belief that all beautiful and attractive women are stupid and superficial is still alive. Its not true: I met beautiful and yet educated, clever, intelligent and determined women."

This is how Guillermo Mariotto starts and ends his first publishing in GENTE SPECIALE. The first of a long series that will entertain us through weeks, with pungent remarks, not only fashion but in entertainment and actuality too.


For any question or curiosity write him at: