How stylish are you?

18.02.2012 | Photography

How stylish are you?


The juryman of "Ballando con le Stelle", feared by the competitors, poses for GENTE with two of its gorgeus participants, Anna Tatangelo and Claudia Andreatti.

The perfect occasion to comment on their style.

The new edition of "Ballando Con Le Stelle (Dancing With The Stars)" started this Saturday on Italian national television channel RAI 1, hosted by Milly Carlucci with Paolo Belli and his orchestra.

Among the challengers for the eighth edition of the show in the beautiful Auditorium of Foro Italico, Rome, are Italian football gloriey Bobo Vieri dancing with Natalia Titova (back from maternity leave), Gianni Rivera with Yulia Musikhina (winner of the last edition with Kaspar Capparoni), Marco Del Vecchio, "historical" A.S. Roma's forward, with Sara di Vaira ( also back from maternity leave). On the dancehall even the singer Anna Tatangelo, who stated "I am here to learn how to dance because i will need it in the future", dancing with Stefano Di Filippo; the actress Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere (just seen in TV series "Tutti pazzi per amore") with Simone Di Pasquale; Ariadna Romero with Mirko Sociolan, Ria Antoniou with Raimondo Todaro, Stefano Campagna with Natalia Maidiu, Alex Belli with Samanta Togni - the woman who made Stefano Bettarini fall in love, Claudia Andreatti with Samuel Peron, Sergio Assisi with Ekaterina Vaganova, Andres Gil with Anastasia Kuzmina.