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18.10.2010 | Editorials

GP Magazine

Creative Ideas, through realization of events dedicated to various previews and presentations, had the chance (and luck) to meet GP Magazine's staff, embracing their philosphy. Every month we cooperate composing essays and interviews, without forgetting the creation of the page "gossip dal mondo" (worldwide gossip) in association with Kikapress photographic agency.

GP Magazine is a project proposed by Media Communications for a concrete development, in an optimistic, modern, healthy, educating and technological way.

GP Magazine is a monthly magazine with 100 fullcolor pages, distributed as "free press" in the best places of Rome and in some health centers all over Italy. Is in innovative and interesting magazine, which never falls into rumors and gossip. We want to give a simple and optimistic message so our pages are not full of drama or crime news.

Every month we interview celebrities and it is our pleasure and privilege. They are able to represent a positive model for our readers.

GP Magazine's contents are enhanced by lively and never boring graphics, result of our staff's artistic talent.

GP Magazine is a project that can stand on its own feet. Thanks to its staff's passion, it doesn't use any government grants or fundings from power lobbys. This is why it deseves to be supported.


The freedom of speech is what we believe in and we are proud of it.

This is GP Magazine, enjoy!