IRFE' Paris

26.06.2011 | Corporate communication

IRFE Paris


IRFE' Paris Zar's maison IRFE' Paris is back after 80 years


IRFE' is one of the most ancient fashion houses. Founded in Paris in 1924, It brings its founders name, Princess IRina Romanova and prince FEliks Jusupov. After travelling the world with their fashion, they settled in Paris were they opened a company to give Felix the oppurtunity to make use of his talent as a painter.The maison was at the level of the most prestigious fashion houses of those times.

IRFE became, in the raging 1920's, the great arbiter for fashion and style. International success was immediate. They made the finest cockail dresses, elegant and modern clothing, even the most advanced sports outfits back in the days. IRFE perfumes came next, a big created hit by Irina and Feliks. Four scents were proposed: one for blondes, one for brunettes, one for red haired, the last for white haired women. Success was huge. IRFE's masterpieces, created by a royal family, refined and well promoted, became part of the life of the aristocracy in Europe and America.

Today IRFE Fashion House opens again, after more than 80 years, in Rue Fobour Saint Onore, Paris. The initiative comes from the new owner Olga Sorokina. Her idea was supported by Mrs. Xenia Sfiri (Jusupov heiress) and countess Sheremetiev. Olga, based on her modeling experience, not only offers luxury to modern women, her creations are audacious yet classic. Olga brought IRFE her vision of style and fashion, keeping Feliks's creative approach and Irina's knowledge of high-society.

The perfect customer for IRFE is a fulfilled and successful woman, who appreciates quality, with indipendent taste and acute sense of style.

Soon the perfumes will be brought back to life using the ancient recipes. The House is looking forward to create jewels and watches too.

IRFE House produces high-class pret-à-porter. The best materials and fabrics are used. Collections are made by professionals in their Paris studio, in Rue Fobour Saint Onore. IRFE House is a company were French specialists and professionals work.

In April 2011, IRFE Fashion House, has 85 stores in 23 countries all over the world.