Tecnosun Aerosal and Air skin

17.03.2011 | Corporate communication

Tecnosun Aerosal and Air skin

Tecnosun is an Italian company based in Brescia, and has created the "Aerosal" project. With this unique patent it became more and more famous in the beauty and SPA world. The idea of "la Grotta di Sale" (Salt cave) was born to offer a new approach to global wellness.

The benefits of Aerosal have always been well-known. In 1843, doctor Felix Boczkowski started studing and practicing halotherapy (Halos = salt, in Greek), a natural therapy consisting in inhalating micronized sodium chloride produced by a special spray-dispenser in a special confined habitat - the salt cave - in which walls and floor are covered in salt simulating the microclimate in a salt cave. This microclimate keeps stable humidity (40-60%) and temperatures (18-24° C). The room is hypoallergenic and the salt keeps the air almost bacteria free. Salt particles sprayed in the room are small enough to reach all sections of the respiratory apparatus. Use of Halotherapy battles all respiratory diseases but it is also useful in other diseases such as cystic fibrosis, and studies demonstrates its effectiveness in curing dermatitis during childhood. Halotherapy normalizes skin diseases.


Tecnosun is the inventor of "Air Skin", an all-new natural treatment, which rejuvenates skin, brightens the face, lifts, is non-invasive and promotes immediate tensing effects, all in a pleasant 40 minutes session of relax. The serum made of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants is delivered into skin by a special hyberbaric pressure spray. Skin tone is immediately brighter and the skin visibly lifted, rejuvenated and hydrated. It doesn't have side effects. The treatment is also lenitive, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It can be used on neck, decolletè, thighs, arms. Air Skin is appreciated by Hollywood Stars and is a valuable help in every wellness center.

Tecnosun is a synonymous of advanced technology in tanning thanks to its innovative techniques, maximum security and quality of its products. The company was able to achieve significant results in solar technology. It creates powerful yet safe equipments, thanks to its projects and competent professionals.