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La Prova del Cuoco

MARCATO works again with the well-known television show "La Prova del Cuoco". Marcato is the first and best known Italian company in pasta-machines production, perfect for professional and home use. Since Semptember 2011 the pasta machine Atlas 150 Wellness is used in the TV show "La Prova del Cuoco" broadcasted from Monday to Saturday on RAI 1. Participants will personally try the convenience of this innovative machine for delicious homemade fresh pasta, and will enjoy it's unique and modern design and high quality manufacture. Thanks to an international patent of Marcato, Atlas 150 Wellness is the first pasta-machine fully made of materials that do not release dangerous heavy metal particles.After an accurate research on materials, Marcato patented a system of light-alloy rollers for food which do not contain heavy elements. Thanks to acetal-resin coated scrapers they also remain perfectly intact after many and many hours of activity. This important process ensures a 100% pure and healthy pasta. Atlas 150 Wellness is the first anodized aluminium machine able to make 3 types of pasta: puff pastry, noodles and tagliatelle. However, thanks to its 12 additional accessories, you can get more types and sizes of pasta. Available in multiple colors: gold, blue, red, black, pink, blue, green, silver and chromed steel. Atlas 150 Wellness has a modern and appealing design that makes it a real must-have in every kitchen.For the first time in Italian Lottery's history, the lottery draw will be combined to a day-time TV show instead of an evening one as it always has been; in fact for this occasion "La Prova del Cuoco" will broadcast on January 6, 2012, with a special Lottery show. During the show there will be a tournament featuring eight celebrities: Orietta Berti, Antonio Rossi, Paola Perego, Lello Arena, Roberta Lanfranchi, Pippo Baudo and the couples formed by Lorella Cuccarini with Marco Columbro and Alice with Ellen Kessler. The eight celebrities, with the help of the Chefs, will challenge in cooking delicious dishes of italian culinary tradition and the public from home, through phone-vote, will choose the best dish. The winners of the first four challenges will go to the semi-finals. At the end of the tournament the 6 best dishes will be matched to the first 6 prices of the Italian Lottery 2012, the first price is 5 million euros.