Finalmente la felicità

Ariadna Romero is a Cuban 25 year-old model, best known in Italy for being a dancer in TV show "Quelli che il calcio" and the advertisements of Sammontana and Vecchia Romagna. She lives in Italy since three years. She was chosen by Leonardo Pieraccioni to be his new muse in his latest movie out in theatres December 16. In her debut on the silver screen, Adriadna will be a model in transit in Italy who accepts to take part of major TV show "C'e' Posta Per Te" in order to find her step brother, who knows nothing about her. The movie features, also on his first film appearance,Thyago Alves, the handsome star of TV show "L'isola Dei Famosi", who will play the jealous ex-boyfriend of the model.

Short movie review by "Benedetto is a 40 years old musician with a dream: opening a music school where kids can discover and approach music in a natural and instinctive way. Meanwhile he teaches in the Conservatoire of Lucca waiting for a second happiness since a colleague, now an acclaimed master of classical music with a symphony named "Happiness", stole his first one. The turning point is when, during a joint owners meeting, he receives a letter from the TV postmans of Maria De FIlippi, written by a gorgeus Brasilian girl who claims to be his step sister.”