Cover of OGGI

The weekly publication OGGI presents the exclusive presentation of the new edition cast of "Ballando Con Le Stelle" (tv show on RAI 1 hosted by Milly Carlucci with Paolo Belli and his orchestra).

Among the stars of this eight edition we find Ariadna Romero, cuban model and actress, Leonardo Pieraccioni's last muse, leading character of his film "Finalmente La Felicità".

For the photo shoot featured on OGGI she wears one the creations of IRFE Paris brand designed by Olga Sorokina.

Now on its eighth edition, we find celebrities like Bobo Vieri, Gianni Rivera, Marco del Vecchio, Alex Belli, Anna Tatangelo, Claudia Andreatti, Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere, Ria Antoniu, Sergio Assisi, Andres Gil, stars from "Patito Feo" and journalist Stefano Campagna.